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photos by Frank Turner, with words by Dakota Fine

Apparently, and according the Washington Post, the concept of a DC Flag Tattoo day was hatched by Allyson Behnke (formerly of ReadySetDC?). In an outwardly creative effort to raise awareness about promoting DC statehood, Flag Day in the Flesh sought to highlight what for many District residents has come to be a rite of passage — tattooing some variation of the DC flag on your body.

Frank Turner was in Dupont Circle this past Tuesday to capture some of the action, and he sent us these photos…


_DSC0339 _DSC0387

_DSC0302 _DSC0307 _DSC0294 _DSC0310




_DSC0355 _DSC0383 _DSC0368 _DSC0395 _DSC0345 _DSC0419 _DSC0371 _DSC0408


ALSO — be sure and check out TBD for Josh Yospyn’s great job of artistically capturing some close-ups of all the variation, AND while there appears to be no photo recaps of the event up on District Love, Shana Glickfield’s blog must be mentioned as a terrific archive (and possibly a source of inspiration?) for the many creative ways in which DC residents incorporate the flag into their body art.