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all photos: Mike Danko and Chris Svetlik

The first Cruisin’ ever happened last Thursday. Odyssey, set sail on the newly defrosted Potomac with everyone from BDL:DC’s finaliststs (incl. Betsy Lowther, Eric Brewer, Holly Thomas, US Royalty, Valli, Carole Greenwood), assorted other DC recognizables (Matthew Hemerlein, Michael Andrew Harris of Laughing Man, Anna Furhmann of Proper Topper, Fashion BS podcast crew, Maria of Righteous Restyle, Ryan of Pink Sock…) and a bunch of people wearing fishermen’s nets, fake parrots and eyepatches. It was pretty awesome.

But, enough of the namedrops.

Beautiful Swimmers DJed in one room making it the coolest prom you never attended, and we had the Best Dresseds, Chris Burns DC Dot Com, and Cale play their ipods in the loungier suite, people danced, juggled corn dogs, ate snow cones provided by the long-suffering, costume-wearing BYT intern staff and we hope everyone is looking forward to next time, which will probably happen during the Cherry Blossom festival. We’ll keep you posted.


first up: photos by Mike

005_byt-cruisin_dank10 027_byt-cruisin_dank10 013_byt-cruisin_dank10 028_byt-cruisin_dank10 004_byt-cruisin_dank10002_byt-cruisin_dank10 073_byt-cruisin_dank10 071_byt-cruisin_dank10069_byt-cruisin_dank10 068_byt-cruisin_dank10 070_byt-cruisin_dank10 067_byt-cruisin_dank10 064_byt-cruisin_dank10062_byt-cruisin_dank10 061_byt-cruisin_dank10 060_byt-cruisin_dank10057_byt-cruisin_dank10 056_byt-cruisin_dank10 058_byt-cruisin_dank10054_byt-cruisin_dank10053_byt-cruisin_dank10052_byt-cruisin_dank10 051_byt-cruisin_dank10 049_byt-cruisin_dank10050_byt-cruisin_dank10046_byt-cruisin_dank10 045_byt-cruisin_dank10 044_byt-cruisin_dank10048_byt-cruisin_dank10043_byt-cruisin_dank10 042_byt-cruisin_dank10 037_byt-cruisin_dank10041_byt-cruisin_dank10 040_byt-cruisin_dank10 032_byt-cruisin_dank10033_byt-cruisin_dank10031_byt-cruisin_dank10 034_byt-cruisin_dank10 035_byt-cruisin_dank10036_byt-cruisin_dank10 025_byt-cruisin_dank10 026_byt-cruisin_dank10 024_byt-cruisin_dank10 029_byt-cruisin_dank10010_byt-cruisin_dank10 007_byt-cruisin_dank10 012_byt-cruisin_dank10017_byt-cruisin_dank10 015_byt-cruisin_dank10 016_byt-cruisin_dank10018_byt-cruisin_dank10011_byt-cruisin_dank10 009_byt-cruisin_dank10 019_byt-cruisin_dank10 022_byt-cruisin_dank10 001_byt-cruisin_dank10

and some photos by Chris:

IMG_6090IMG_6098 IMG_6093 IMG_6083IMG_6054 IMG_6070 IMG_6049IMG_6008IMG_6038 IMG_6029 IMG_6007IMG_5986 IMG_5996 IMG_5995IMG_5957 IMG_5957 IMG_5954IMG_5950IMG_5937 IMG_5936 IMG_5909 IMG_5911 IMG_5907IMG_5905IMG_5896IMG_5946 IMG_5920