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All photos: Chris Chen

Via Jason Lymangrover at allmusic.com: Tarnishing sunny melodies with a skuzzy recording style and lots and lots of feedback, Crocodiles’ Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez met during their formative teenage years in San Diego. Playing together in various incarnations since then, including in the Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, which featured Welchez on vocals and Rowell on guitar, the duo re-formed in a lo-fi capacity under the name Crocodiles in April of 2008. After self-releasing a distortion-driven 7″, their single “Neon Jesus” was championed by No Age on a Stereogum Best of 2008 poll. As Crocodiles’ debut full-length was recorded over that winter, blog readers started taking notice, and Summer of Hate was released by Fat Possum in late April of 2009. That winter, Crocodiles put out a Christmas-themed split 7″ with Dum Dum Girls and prepped their follow-up, Sleep Forever, for the summer of 2010. Their new album, Endless Flowers, was released in the spring of 2012 on Souterrain Transmissions.

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