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all photos: Franz Mahr

Expletives are necessary though because this past Saturday, THE ENTIRE CITY OF WASHINGTON descended upon Adams Morgan for the Crafty Bastards outdoor arts and crafts fair hosted by The City Paper (the crowds making it Svetlana’s #1 nightmare claustrophobia event of the year, but the BYT photo staff LOVES IT MORE AND MORE every year). If you didn’t realize this, it is important to know that, DC area aside, Crafty Bastards are a major destination on the Arts and Crafts circuit. These guys travel the country from fair to fair to hawk their goods, and it shows, I think those in attendance saw some really spectacular goods.

Some highlights of things and people present included:

Crafty Bastards155911 Crafty Bastards155943 Crafty Bastards155646 Crafty Bastards160621 Crafty Bastards160042 Crafty Bastards160245 Crafty Bastards160625 Crafty Bastards162943 Crafty Bastards160429 Crafty Bastards160516 Crafty Bastards160556 Crafty Bastards163016 Crafty Bastards165140 Crafty Bastards160823 Crafty Bastards161105 Crafty Bastards161231 Crafty Bastards163236 Crafty Bastards163236 Crafty Bastards161458 Crafty Bastards161648 Crafty Bastards161922 Crafty Bastards162706 Crafty Bastards162827 Crafty Bastards163210 Crafty Bastards163443 Crafty Bastards163604 Crafty Bastards164738 Crafty Bastards164749 Crafty Bastards164904 Crafty Bastards165117 Crafty Bastards165149 Crafty Bastards165312 Crafty Bastards165327 Crafty Bastards165336 Crafty Bastards160421