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If you are a fan of the performing arts, the Copenhagen Theater Festival’s CPH Stage is an excellent reason to experience the Scandinavian summer. A relatively new festival (this was its sixth year) CPH Stage focuses on Danish as well as foreign theater and dance. Don’t speak Danish? Not a problem, the festival goes out of its way to accommodate English speakers with translations and special performances in English. It’s a fun festival, that incorporates traditional theater in some truly gorgeous venues including one on a boat theater, free performances in public spaces, performance city walks as well as programs for children.

The largest theater festival in Denmark, this year there were 120 performances with over 50 of the shows accessible to non-Danish speakers. Check out some photos from this year’s festival.

Sickly Healthy

Sickly HealthySickly HealthySickly HealthySickly Healthy

The Blind Poet

The Blind PoetThe Blind PoetThe Blind PoetThe Blind PoetThe Blind PoetThe Blind Poet

Jekyll On Ice

Jekyll on IceJekyll on IceJekyll on IceJekyll on Ice



The Letter

The LetterThe LetterThe LetterThe LetterThe Letter

The Balance

The BalanceThe Balance

The Nordic Beasts

The Nordic BeastsThe Nordic Beasts

Boat Theater

Boat Theater