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all photos: Kimberly Cadena

This past weekend, CORCORAN opened up NEXT-an exhibition featuring the thesis work of the senior students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program at their College of Art. The show puts emphasis on the process that students undergo to create their final thesis projects, featuring the work of each senior in design, fine art, and photography.

We stopped by the opening reception and were duly impressed (and not just by the general spiritedness of the young artists and their families present): while, naturally, some of the work reads very young (the desire to shock in the most obvious ways is forever an issue with art created by people who have not really, truly been shocked themselves in their brief lives), there are some highly effective pieces that show great promise throughout. And of course, a fair amount in between. Here’s hoping some of these kids don’t pack up and high tail it to NYC the day after graduation, but stay here, creating work in DC.

A show well worth visiting and exploring.

NEXT is open through May 22nd AND FREE (with much programming involved). More details on it can be found here: http://www2.corcoran.org/next/