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The Cold War Kids were supposed to play 1 show, then 2, then 1 again but one thing was for certain: they were going to be awesome no matter how many night stands they chose to have with DC

Ryan (Wakeman) was on hand to capture all the magic:

a little bit of “come early for” We Are Barbarians
2072475656_254592e110_o.jpg 2071682917_3c236d4bfb_o.jpg 2071682999_a4b2ebd318_o.jpg

and now for the main attraction:

2072514520_8746f8fb71_o.jpg 2072514464_1f08ce2e37_o.jpg 2072514720_7881df0e5b_o.jpg
2072494996_861d386d01_o.jpg 2072494960_e116376ddf_o.jpg 2072514072_cf4cd3210f_o.jpg 2071702097_91dcd4deb6_o.jpg 2071721317_b08b5cbfae_o.jpg 2071721697_52e24ba13f_o.jpg 2071721511_c247fa2292_o.jpg 2071702209_d5df7920d3_o.jpg 2071720997_1bcf27d278_o.jpg 2071721241_c8db2be301_o.jpg 2071721613_ef9718e3e3_o.jpg
2071701891_9061041083_o.jpg 2071701713_dea50eb421_o.jpg 2071701759_22686af89f_o.jpg 2071682881_5d9668dc0a_o.jpg