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all photos: Franz Mahr, Shauna Alexander and ONOMONOMEDIA Photobooth

When a few weeks back Spike Mendelsohn gave us a ring telling us that “he knows just the place to have the best party/benefit EVER” we obviously agreed to go check said space out. Having said that-our expectations were, as always, lower than “BEST EVER” since here in the event planning biz you get your heart broken by not quite so “BEST EVER” spaces all the time.

12-04_class in session144-274

However, the second we walked into the Pierce School Lofts (managed by EVOLVE DC), we were in love. And when we say we’re in love, you better believe we’re in love. L.U.V. Add to that: a great cause (helping send two kids to culinary school through KIPP DC), a fantastic chef line-up (more on that below), a 250 lb pig, amazing beverage partners and a solid gold theme (CLASS IS IN SESSION-since, hey-we are IN A SCHOOL, we are SENDING KIDS TO SCHOOL, we are ALL LEARNING SOMETHING HERE) and we ended up, in a matter of weeks, with what is now fondly referred to in BYT offices as “The Best Night Ever”.

12-04_class in session144-45

Before we dive into the massive amounts of food porn that await you below, we just want to say some THANK YOUS:

  • to all of you for coming out and helping raise a good solid 5 figure donation for KIPP
  • to Chris Swanson, Jeff Printz and Evolve DC for letting us host this in their amazing home
  • to Chef Spike and his team for thinking of us and being a terrific partner

12-04_class in session144-436

  • and to everyone who participated:

Your Lunch Ladies:

  • Chef Spike grilling up some Prez Obama Burgers
  • Scott Drewno of The Source making his signature Tuna Cones
  • Chef Mike Isabella and his taquitos
  • Chef Bryan Voltaggio & Bev Eggleston roasting a whole pig
  • Erik Bruner-Yang of Toki Underground making Shrimp and Mushroom Dashi Chips
  • Chef Victor Albisu whipping up some Chorizo Sandwiches
  • + tons of Oysters provided by Rappahannock

12-04_class in session144-355

Recess Entertainment:


Juice Boxes and After School Snacks:

12-04_class in session144-43

Spiked Prom Punch:

12-04_class in session144-102
Hall Monitors:

  • Metropolitan Security Professionals, LLC (not actually pictured below)

12-04_class in session144-282

with much love from:

snaps by Franz:

12-04_class in session144-37 12-04_class in session144-32

12-04_class in session144-444 12-04_class in session144-433 12-04_class in session144-430 12-04_class in session144-630 12-04_class in session144-632 12-04_class in session144-2 12-04_class in session144-408 12-04_class in session144-411 12-04_class in session144-476 12-04_class in session144-521 12-04_class in session144-398 12-04_class in session144-388 12-04_class in session144-389 12-04_class in session144-370 12-04_class in session144-356 12-04_class in session144-363 12-04_class in session144-351 12-04_class in session144-338 12-04_class in session144-315 12-04_class in session144-308 12-04_class in session144-302 12-04_class in session144-293 12-04_class in session144-280 12-04_class in session144-272 12-04_class in session144-269 12-04_class in session144-264 12-04_class in session144-254 12-04_class in session144-245 12-04_class in session144-221 12-04_class in session144-401 12-04_class in session144-187 12-04_class in session144-182 12-04_class in session144-173 12-04_class in session144-168 12-04_class in session144-162 12-04_class in session144-159 12-04_class in session144-154 12-04_class in session144-129-Edit 12-04_class in session144-125 12-04_class in session144-123 12-04_class in session144-116 12-04_class in session144-47 12-04_class in session144-61 12-04_class in session144-72 12-04_class in session144-88 12-04_class in session144-42 12-04_class in session144-23 12-04_class in session144-605 12-04_class in session144-4 12-04_class in session144-6 12-04_class in session144-7 12-04_class in session144-8 12-04_class in session144-20 12-04_class in session144-13 12-04_class in session144-549

snaps by Shauna:

BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6504 BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6496 BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6488 BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6480 BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6502 BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6468 BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6453 BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6463 BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6428 BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6424 BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6414 BYTBravoSpikeEvolveDCGoodTimes-6408 12-04_class in session144-450

+ some choice snaps from our friendly ONOMONOMEDIA yearbook photo booth (to download the whole set, click here: www.onomonomedia.com/vendor/BYTSPIKE.zip )

101529-bestpubes 101526-nostalgic 101518-gravitysrainbow 101513-bestpubes 101512-frothiest 101509-panhandler 101506-gravitysrainbow 101505-bestpubes 101495-meaningless 101489-gravitysrainbow 101481-hotspouse 101475-hotspouse 101471-meaningless 101467-frothiest 101464-bestpubes 101459-hotspouse 101455-nostalgic 101454-frothiest 101452-nostalgic 101445-meaningless 101443-nostalgic 101439-hotspouse 101437-douche 101436-nostalgic 101431-gravitysrainbow 101434-meaningless 101424-hotspouse 101428-hotspouse 101421-douche 101419-frothiest 101412-douche 101413-frothiest 101415-frothiest 101408-nostalgic 101407-nostalgic 101403-nostalgic 101402-gravitysrainbow 101399-douche 101397-bestpubes 101393-frothiest 101390-hotspouse 101396-bestpubes 101385-gravitysrainbow 101386-bestpubes 101387-bestpubes 101382-nostalgic 101380-douche 101377-bestpubes 101374-douche 101373-bestpubes 101370-hotspouse 101390-hotspouse 101363-hotspouse 101362-nostalgic 101361-bestpubes 101355-meaningless 101352-hotspouse 101350-hotspouse 101349-bestpubes 101347-bestpubes 101343-nostalgic 101338-douche 101328-hotspouse 101330-douche 101335-bestpubes 101326-hotspouse 101319-panhandler 101316-panhandler 101310-meaningless 101307-meaningless 101298-bestpubes 101300-panhandler 101294-meaningless 101291-nostalgic 101289-bestpubes 101290-frothiest 101288-bestpubes 101322-hotspouse 101305-meaningless 101309-douche 101287-gravitysrainbow 101281-hotspouse 101282-nostalgic 101279-bestpubes 101276-frothiest 101272-meaningless 101271-meaningless 101269-hotspouse 101264-frothiest 101261-hotspouse 101255-bestpubes 101258-douche 101254-frothiest 101251-nostalgic 101250-hotspouse 101248-gravitysrainbow 101247-bestpubes 101243-frothiest

101241-meaningless 101239-nostalgic 101230-nostalgic 101226-nostalgic 101221-frothiest 101217-hotspouse 101211-meaningless 101210-meaningless 101203-panhandler 101204-gravitysrainbow 101205-frothiest 101206-douche 101200-nostalgic 101197-gravitysrainbow 101198-hotspouse 101199-frothiest 101196-hotspouse 101195-meaningless 101188-hotspouse 101187-douche 101186-douche 101182-meaningless 101183-hotspouse 101179-bestpubes 101178-meaningless 101174-hotspouse 101173-hotspouse 101175-frothiest 101167-douche 101164-meaningless 101161-douche 101157-douche 101185-hotspouse 101192-meaningless 101153-hotspouse 101144-nostalgic 101131-bestpubes 101127-hotspouse 101125-hotspouse 101126-bestpubes 101116-panhandler 101137-frothiest 101113-douche 101112-nostalgic 101109-frothiest 101104-douche 101102-bestpubes 101101-bestpubes 101097-gravitysrainbow 101095-meaningless 101094-bestpubes 101086-douche 101085-gravitysrainbow 101083-bestpubes 101080-meaningless 101081-panhandler