Photos: CINARS (International Exchange for the Performing Arts)
Blink | Dec 2, 2014 | 12:30PM |
CINARS, the International Exchange for Performers, an event promoting the performing arts, started Montreal in 1983. The festival brings together delegates and media representatives to attend sample showcases and network. Inspired by the Cannes Festival, by MIDEM, CINARS is devoted to dance, theatre and music in all forms. This year a freezing Montreal hosted the 16th biennial with 1,500 participants attending from 40 countries. Over 600 artrists took part along with about 350 presenters. Among the companies that presented their works were the following:

Nyata Nyata_0001tNyata Nyata_0002tNyata Nyata_0004tNyata Nyata_0003tNyata Nyata_0005t
Aakash Odedra_0001tAakash Odedra_0003tAakash Odedra_0002t
Catherine Gaudet_0001tCatherine Gaudet_0002tCatherine Gaudet_0003tCatherine Gaudet_0004t
Antony Hamilton_0001tAntony Hamilton_0002tAntony Hamilton_0003tAntony Hamilton_0004t
Sungsoo Ahn_0001tSungsoo Ahn_0003tSungsoo Ahn_0002tSungsoo Ahn_0004tSungsoo Ahn_0005t

Flip Fabrique_0006tFlip Fabrique_0007tFlip Fabrique_0002tFlip Fabrique_0003tFlip Fabrique_0001tFlip Fabrique_0004tFlip Fabrique_0005t

Granhøj Dans_0001tGranhøj Dans_0002tGranhøj Dans_0003tGranhøj Dans_0004tGranhøj Dans_0005tGranhøj Dans_0006t
Ginette Laurin_0001tGinette Laurin_0002tGinette Laurin_0003tGinette Laurin_0005tGinette Laurin_0006tGinette Laurin_0004tGinette Laurin_0007tGinette Laurin_0008tGinette Laurin_0009t
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