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All photos: Katherine Gaines

Carina Round has carved a singular path in music with her inimitable voice and stirringly varied compositions. Her uncompromising vision and thrilling versatility has garnered an immensely passionate fan base including a myriad of highly regarded musicians. Her forthcoming album Tigermending comes from a painting by Amy Cutler where three women sit in a field dutifully stitching the bellies of a heap of helpless Tigers. Carina recounts, “The first time I saw the painting I stared at it for a long time not understanding why. The absurd image absorbed me. There was an innocent simplicity to it. The gentle putting back together of something most ferocious and wild mysteriously damaged to the point of submission. I felt an affinity to it.”

Haling from England, Carina had an innate determination and passion for music from an early age, which led her to record and self-release her first two albums, ‘First Blood Mystery’ and ‘The Disconnection’. The former shaped by erratic yet engaging sounds drawing from her love of legends Patti Smith, Tom Waits and Jeff Buckley. The latter took those influences into much more powerful and personal realms.

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