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all photos: Shauna Alexander and Blink Ofaneye

We’ll keep this one simple: For the 2nd year in a row, we presented our “BEST OF BYT PHOTOGRAPHY” show @ FOTOWEEK Central, and for the second year in a row, our hearts are full that so many of you came out to support our amazing photographers and all that they capture year round: people, places, people in places, and everything in between.

PHOTOS were shown by: Dakota Fine, Jeff Martin, Shauna Alexander, Julian Vu, Bradley Portnoy, Katherine Gaines, Stephanie Breijo, Nick Balleza, Franz Mahr, Steve Jeter, Rachel Eisley, Julia Benton, Emily Cohen, Lauren Bulbin, Christopher Chen, Frank Turner, Josh Sisk, Michelle Yass, Mukul Ranjan (get a sampling of their work here)

and the evening kicked off with a great panel hosted by Dakota Fine and featuring some of our favorite DC photo talent: Joshua Cogan, Victoria F. Gaitán, Douglas Sonders, Scott Suchman, Nicole Wolf, Marcus Yam (get a sampling of their truly inspiring work here)

We’ll see you all next year. Now, enjoy photos of our photographers who are rarely in front of the cameras themselves:

snaps by Shauna:

Young@HeartII 2011-1894 Young@HeartII 2011-1885

Young@HeartII 2011-1842 Young@HeartII 2011-1858 Young@HeartII 2011-1859 Young@HeartII 2011-1840 Young@HeartII 2011-1840 Young@HeartII 2011-1861 Young@HeartII 2011-1856 Young@HeartII 2011-1848 Young@HeartII 2011-1852 Young@HeartII 2011-1865 Young@HeartII 2011-1866 Young@HeartII 2011-1867

Young@HeartII 2011-1871 Young@HeartII 2011-1873 Young@HeartII 2011-1877 Young@HeartII 2011-1879 Young@HeartII 2011-1886 Young@HeartII 2011-1897 Young@HeartII 2011-1901 Young@HeartII 2011-1850

and some more snaps by Blink:

Young @ Heart Young @ Heart Young @ Heart Young @ Heart Young @ Heart Young @ Heart Young @ Heart Young @ Heart