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photos by: Dakota Fine, Joy Asico, Franz Mahr, Ben Droz, Nick Balleza AND Kevin Hulse.,
video by: Sara Barger

This past Thursday, Howard Theatre graciously allowed us to take over their gorgeous, newly renovated space and host a messy, awesome, hilarious party for those of you who felt that balloon drops, pint-sized bingo babes, disco goddesses, giant eyeballs, glow necklaces, and all sorts of indescribable stuff in between made for a good night.

I know you’re here for the photos (and trust me: these photos are WELL WORTH scrolling through) but first as always, a THANK YOU ROLL by us:

  • Thank you to THE UNDERGROUND REBEL BINGO CLUB for coming down
  • Thank you to Nancy Whang, Bit Funk, Gavin Holland and Ted Dancin’ for providing the (exceptionally) hot jams throughout
  • Thank you to ALL OF YOU for showing up super game, wearing costumes and being ready to bingo and dance and draw on each others faces
  • Thank you to Katie Balloons for that magical balloon drop, decor, and general weirdness
  • Thank you to our burlesque dancers and contortionist for being perfect window dressing
  • Thank you to our magical art director Erik Loften for making that sick video you saw rolling throughout
  • Thank you to Howard Theatre for being amazing hosts
  • Thank you to our sponsors for the evening: Stella Artois and Kimpton Hotels
  • Thank you to our amazing photo staff for capturing it all and to our intern/helping core for making things run smoothly.
  • Lets do it all again soon (more party announcements coming your way this week so be on the look out)

AND NOW-for what you’ve been waiting for:

zeeee video of the madness by Sara:

and another by Erik:

photos by Dakota:

DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-136 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-135 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-134 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-133 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-132 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-131 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-130 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-129 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-128 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-127 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-119 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-120 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-121 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-122 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-123 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-124 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-125 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-126 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-117 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-118 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-116 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-115 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-114 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-113 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-112 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-111 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-102 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-101 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-103 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-105 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-106 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-107 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-108 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-109 DF12_4.26_RebBingoLO-110

snaps by Kevin:
_MG_8896 _MG_8892 _MG_8883 _MG_8881 _MG_8876 _MG_8873

gorgeous technicolor snaps by Joy:

RebelBingo-113 RebelBingo-117 RebelBingo-170 RebelBingo-166 RebelBingo-165 RebelBingo-163 RebelBingo-162 RebelBingo-160 RebelBingo-158 RebelBingo-157 RebelBingo-155 RebelBingo-154 RebelBingo-153 RebelBingo-151 RebelBingo-150 RebelBingo-149 RebelBingo-146 RebelBingo-145 RebelBingo-143 RebelBingo-141 RebelBingo-138 RebelBingo-136 RebelBingo-133 RebelBingo-131 RebelBingo-130 RebelBingo-124 RebelBingo-122 RebelBingo-120 RebelBingo-119 RebelBingo-118 RebelBingo-112 RebelBingo-110 RebelBingo-108 RebelBingo-95 RebelBingo-98 RebelBingo-85 RebelBingo-83 RebelBingo-70 RebelBingo-67 RebelBingo-65 RebelBingo-64 RebelBingo-61 RebelBingo-59 RebelBingo-57 RebelBingo-56 RebelBingo-54 RebelBingo-53 RebelBingo-52 RebelBingo-51 RebelBingo-49 RebelBingo-48 RebelBingo-46 RebelBingo-43 RebelBingo-36 RebelBingo-37 RebelBingo-31 RebelBingo-23 RebelBingo-09 RebelBingo-01

the magic continues with Franz:

12-04_rebel bingo143-17-2 12-04_rebel bingo143-13-2 12-04_rebel bingo143-722 12-04_rebel bingo143-673 12-04_rebel bingo143-683 12-04_rebel bingo143-623 12-04_rebel bingo143-603 12-04_rebel bingo143-506 12-04_rebel bingo143-367 12-04_rebel bingo143-310 12-04_rebel bingo143-295 12-04_rebel bingo143-236 12-04_rebel bingo143-241 12-04_rebel bingo143-250 12-04_rebel bingo143-256 12-04_rebel bingo143-257 12-04_rebel bingo143-234 12-04_rebel bingo143-218 12-04_rebel bingo143-201 12-04_rebel bingo143-185 12-04_rebel bingo143-164 12-04_rebel bingo143-182 12-04_rebel bingo143-122 12-04_rebel bingo143-105 12-04_rebel bingo143-87 12-04_rebel bingo143-74 12-04_rebel bingo143-65 12-04_rebel bingo143-519 12-04_rebel bingo143-639 12-04_rebel bingo143-64 12-04_rebel bingo143-58 12-04_rebel bingo143-518 12-04_rebel bingo143-170 12-04_rebel bingo143-52 12-04_rebel bingo143-47 12-04_rebel bingo143-37 12-04_rebel bingo143-406 12-04_rebel bingo143-473 12-04_rebel bingo143-17 12-04_rebel bingo143-3 12-04_rebel bingo143-3 12-04_rebel bingo143-13 12-04_rebel bingo143-8 12-04_rebel bingo143-6 12-04_rebel bingo143-31-Edit

moar by Ben Droz:

BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 8 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 66 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 90 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 6 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-27 216 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-27 165 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-27 290 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-27 462 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-27 435 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-27 239 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-27 229 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-27 213 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 36 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 3 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 21 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 143 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 152 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 139 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 137 BYT Howard Theatre 2012-04-26 109

and last but not least-some shots from Nick:

nballeza-bythoward  002wtmkwtmk nballeza-bythoward  003wtmkwtmk nballeza-bythoward  004wtmkwtmk nballeza-bythoward  006wtmkwtmk nballeza-bythoward  005wtmkwtmk nballeza-bythoward  008wtmkwtmk nballeza-bythoward  001wtmkwtmk nballeza-bythoward  010wtmkwtmk nballeza-bythoward  011wtmkwtmk nballeza-bythoward  012wtmkwtmk nballeza-bythoward  014wtmkwtmk