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all photos by: Jeff Martin, Kevin Hulse, Franz Mahr and Stephanie Breijo

It was as if the holidays threw up all over Friday night (in a good way) at our + Kennedy Center’s GREATEST HOLIDAY PARTY OF ALL. We’d just like to, as always, give some thanks, before we turn you over to the photos:


  • our amazing bands for the night NICHE, WRATH OF BORGNINE and THE DANCE PARTY (who, btw, will be playing 930 Club on December 23rd, so mark that down)
  • our awesome DJ Soul Call Paul
  • Kennedy Center + Kennedy Center MyTix for inviting us to do this…
  • The Kennedy Center prop department for taking our direction for “tacky” and really running with it
  • Those Funny Little people for really adding to the spirit of things
  • the Keigwin dancers for kick starting the dance party
  • All of you in all your festive wear
  • and of course, the holidays themselves for giving us an occasion to do this.

See you all soon (and don’t forget – our NYE party is just around the corner-tickets can be found here).

And now, of course, what you all have been waiting for, the photos!

first up, some photos by Jeff:

BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT01 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT02 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT03 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT04 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT05 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT06 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT07 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT08 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT09 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT10 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT11 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT12 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT13 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT14 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT15 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT16 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT17 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT18 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT19 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT20 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT21 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT22 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT23 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT24 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT25 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT26 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT27 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT28 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT29 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT30 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT31 BYTHolidayParty2011forBYT32

snaps by Franz:

11-12_Christmas party084-145 11-12_Christmas party084-116 11-12_Christmas party084-164 11-12_Christmas party084-158 11-12_Christmas party084-143 11-12_Christmas party083-136 11-12_Christmas party083-84

11-12_Christmas party083-102 11-12_Christmas party084-171 11-12_Christmas party084-170 11-12_Christmas party084-141 11-12_Christmas party084-105 11-12_Christmas party084-141 11-12_Christmas party084-126 11-12_Christmas party084-84 11-12_Christmas party084-116 11-12_Christmas party084-78 11-12_Christmas party084-70 11-12_Christmas party084-60 11-12_Christmas party084-73 11-12_Christmas party084-93 11-12_Christmas party084-120-2 11-12_Christmas party085-6 11-12_Christmas party084-194 11-12_Christmas party084-160 11-12_Christmas party084-28 11-12_Christmas party084-50 11-12_Christmas party084-33 11-12_Christmas party084-62 11-12_Christmas party084-129 11-12_Christmas party084-109 11-12_Christmas party084-42 11-12_Christmas party084-152 11-12_Christmas party084-151 11-12_Christmas party084-120 11-12_Christmas party084-111 11-12_Christmas party084-148 11-12_Christmas party084-150 11-12_Christmas party084-98 11-12_Christmas party084-147 11-12_Christmas party084-142 11-12_Christmas party084-87 11-12_Christmas party084-127 11-12_Christmas party084-122 11-12_Christmas party084-118 11-12_Christmas party084-115 11-12_Christmas party084-46 11-12_Christmas party084-35 11-12_Christmas party084-112 11-12_Christmas party084-100 11-12_Christmas party084-22 11-12_Christmas party084-11 11-12_Christmas party084-99 11-12_Christmas party084-38 11-12_Christmas party084-8 11-12_Christmas party083-18 11-12_Christmas party084-15 11-12_Christmas party084-7 11-12_Christmas party083-176 11-12_Christmas party083-158 11-12_Christmas party083-139 11-12_Christmas party085-23 11-12_Christmas party083-73 11-12_Christmas party083-78 11-12_Christmas party083-133 11-12_Christmas party083-131 11-12_Christmas party085-27 11-12_Christmas party083-35 11-12_Christmas party083-52 11-12_Christmas party083-102 11-12_Christmas party083-122 11-12_Christmas party085-14 11-12_Christmas party084-231 11-12_Christmas party084-219 11-12_Christmas party083-99 11-12_Christmas party083-59 11-12_Christmas party084-205 11-12_Christmas party084-201 11-12_Christmas party083-57 11-12_Christmas party083 11-12_Christmas party084-176

some more by Kevin:

_MG_8207 _MG_8203 _MG_8195 _MG_8198 _MG_8212 _MG_8190 _MG_8173 _MG_8182 _MG_8178 _MG_8176 _MG_8169 _MG_8166 _MG_8159 _MG_8164 _MG_8155 _MG_8141 _MG_8140 _MG_8132 _MG_8130 _MG_8072 _MG_8101 _MG_8098 _MG_8056 _MG_8137 _MG_8045 _MG_8032 _MG_8023 _MG_8014 _MG_8012 _MG_8004 _MG_8015 _MG_8001 _MG_7993 _MG_8002 _MG_7981 _MG_7979 _MG_7968 _MG_7958 _MG_7969

snaps by Stephanie: