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photos by Dakota Fine, Kevin Hulse AND Joy Asico, with photo assistance by Lysette Urus

So, you guys, Friday was fun. As always before we dive into the photos (which WE KNOW you’re actually here for)-a brief list of THANK YOUS:

  • thank you to the SPY MUSEUM for inviting us over and being super game
  • thank you to all of you that came
  • EXTRA thank you to all of you that came AND DRESSED UP
  • thank you to our awesome DJs Smudge AND Lil’E for kicking it Raegan era style
  • thank you to ZOLA for all those delicious passed hors d’oeuvres, those were delicious
  • thank you to our sponsors for this event SMIRNOFF, STELLA ARTOIS for providing the refreshments and HONEST TEA and NANDO’s for the scavenger hunt prizes
  • and of course-thank you to our kick ass photo staff for capturing all of your making out with yourselves AND our card-board cut-outs.

OH, and one more note:  WE HAVE MORE PRIZES FOR YOU:

  • If you’re in a photo with the Spy Museum mascot Yps Emong (Agent Double Gnome 7), or you took one yourself at the event, post it to his facebook page cause the best one receives a Spy Gnome Gift Package.  DO IT.

DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-101 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-102 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-103 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-104 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-105 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-106 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-107 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-108 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-109 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-110 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-111 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-112 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-113 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-114 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-115 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-116 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-117 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-118 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-119 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-120 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-121 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-122 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-123 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-124 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-125 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-126 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-127 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-128 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-129 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-130 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-131 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-132 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-133 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-134 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-135 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-136 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-137 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-138 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-139 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-140 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-141 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-142 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-143 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-144 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-145 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-146 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-147 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-148 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-149 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-150 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-151 DF12_3.2_SpyMuseum-152

To see ALL the photos from the photo booth and/or order prints, click any images from the slideshow below:

some more by Joy:

BYT-Spy-02 BYT-Spy-119 BYT-Spy-116 BYT-Spy-114 BYT-Spy-113 BYT-Spy-110 BYT-Spy-105 BYT-Spy-103 BYT-Spy-101 BYT-Spy-99 BYT-Spy-98 BYT-Spy-94 BYT-Spy-91 BYT-Spy-88 BYT-Spy-85 BYT-Spy-82 BYT-Spy-79 BYT-Spy-76 BYT-Spy-69 BYT-Spy-71 BYT-Spy-66 BYT-Spy-65 BYT-Spy-64 BYT-Spy-61 BYT-Spy-57

BYT-Spy-54 BYT-Spy-47 BYT-Spy-42 BYT-Spy-40 BYT-Spy-39 BYT-Spy-34 BYT-Spy-31 BYT-Spy-30 BYT-Spy-28 BYT-Spy-25 BYT-Spy-24 BYT-Spy-22 BYT-Spy-20 BYT-Spy-18 BYT-Spy-17 BYT-Spy-14 BYT-Spy-12 BYT-Spy-10 BYT-Spy-05 BYT-Spy-04 BYT-Spy-89

and last but by no means least-some snaps by Kevin:

_MG_9544 _MG_9521 _MG_9500 _MG_9498 _MG_9455 _MG_9338 _MG_9444 _MG_9327 _MG_9363_MG_9313 _MG_9331 _MG_9551 _MG_9542 _MG_9536 _MG_9532 _MG_9537 _MG_9538 _MG_9522 _MG_9523 _MG_9517 _MG_9512 _MG_9513 _MG_9511 _MG_9505 _MG_9499 _MG_9493 _MG_9492 _MG_9462 _MG_9489 _MG_9447 _MG_9448 _MG_9478 _MG_9445 _MG_9442 _MG_9441 _MG_9492 _MG_9438 _MG_9433 _MG_9428 _MG_9432 _MG_9401 _MG_9383 _MG_9378 _MG_9381 _MG_9375 _MG_9374 _MG_9369 _MG_9365 _MG_9364 _MG_9355 _MG_9351 _MG_9345 _MG_9344 _MG_9314 _MG_9321 _MG_9316

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