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all photos: Jeff Martin, Franz Mahr and Sarah Gerrity

WELL THAT HAPPENED! The first ever National Archives After Hours was a massive success as the photos below will show. Please check them ALL OUT (and check back in later for photobooth photos AND RECIPES of all the cocktails we had) but before that some serious thank yous are in order:


Now that you’ve gotten a taste for after hours events at the Archives, come back for more by joining the Young Founders!
If you join by Tuesday, Apr 21, you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card valid at any one of José Andrés’ many delicious bars and restaurants in DC. And for everyone that joins by Tuesday, we’ll throw in some fun Spirited Republic swag with your welcome letter and membership card. So don’t wait, join today!
YFS memberships are specifically designed for young professionals in the DC area, and include:
  • Up to six totally free private events at the Archives every year
  • Advance notice on tickets for events like the BYT party. Be the first to know about the next one!
  • Discounts on ticketed tasting events
  • And much more!



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150418national archives-048

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150418national archives-157150418national archives-172

150418national archives-003150418national archives-014

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150418national archives-310

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