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all photos: Franz Mahr, Jeff Martin, Clarissa Villondo & Nicholas Karlin

Dear All,

Before we DIVE into the photos below (ONOMONOMEDIA photobooth gifs are coming, we promise!), we wanted to just give some basic thanks to everyone involved in making this past Friday as magical as it truly was:

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150619Nat Geo-056

Nat Geo After Hours

150619Nat Geo-211

150619Nat Geo-004150619Nat Geo-178

150619Nat Geo-012

150619Nat Geo-124

Cocktail spotlight: Absolut Elyx tours Brazil

  • Absolut Elyx
  • Vanilla Syrup
  • Cashew Agave
  • Coconut soda
  • and epazote for garnish

Cocktail spotlight: The Treasure Hound

  • 1.5 oz Barrelhound Whisky (bonus: currently availble ONLY in DC & Brooklyn)
  • .75 oz Peach Juice
  • .5 oz mint syrup
  • 2 dash orange bitters
  • 1.5 oz Sparkling wine
  • garnish: lemon verbena

150619Nat Geo-091

150619Nat Geo-083

150619Nat Geo-209150619Nat Geo-023

Nat Geo After Hours

150619Nat Geo-322150619Nat Geo-330150619Nat Geo-334

150619Nat Geo-205150619Nat Geo-030

Nat Geo After Hours-36Nat Geo After Hours-35

150619Nat Geo-245

150619Nat Geo-256150619Nat Geo-266

Nat Geo After Hours150619Nat Geo-038

Nat Geo After Hours-10Nat Geo After Hours-9150619Nat Geo-067150619Nat Geo-082

Nat Geo After Hours-30Nat Geo After Hours-54Nat Geo After Hours-29150619Nat Geo-089150619Nat Geo-102150619Nat Geo-094

150619Nat Geo-298Nat Geo After Hours-18

150619Nat Geo-119150619Nat Geo-121150619Nat Geo-128150619Nat Geo-129

Nat Geo After Hours-49150619Nat Geo-134

150619Nat Geo-135150619Nat Geo-136

Nat Geo After Hours-26Nat Geo After Hours-27Nat Geo After Hours-28

150619Nat Geo-138150619Nat Geo-141150619Nat Geo-156150619Nat Geo-151150619Nat Geo-146150619Nat Geo-160150619Nat Geo-163150619Nat Geo-166150619Nat Geo-186150619Nat Geo-188150619Nat Geo-191150619Nat Geo-242150619Nat Geo-239150619Nat Geo-252150619Nat Geo-279150619Nat Geo-294150619Nat Geo-317150619Nat Geo-316150619Nat Geo-307150619Nat Geo-343150619Nat Geo-371150619Nat Geo-367150619Nat Geo-365150619Nat Geo-363150619Nat Geo-351Nat Geo After Hours

150619Nat Geo-229Nat Geo After Hours-55Nat Geo After Hours-56

Nat Geo After HoursNat Geo After Hours

150619Nat Geo-106150619Nat Geo-114

150619Nat Geo-074Nat Geo After Hours-51Nat Geo After Hours-50Nat Geo After Hours-44

Nat Geo After Hours-45Nat Geo After Hours-46Nat Geo After Hours-48Nat Geo After Hours-43Nat Geo After Hours-42Nat Geo After Hours-40

150619Nat Geo-092Nat Geo After Hours-39Nat Geo After Hours-41

Nat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After Hours-38Nat Geo After Hours-37Nat Geo After Hours-34Nat Geo After Hours-33Nat Geo After Hours-32Nat Geo After Hours-24Nat Geo After Hours-25Nat Geo After Hours-23

Nat Geo After Hours-22Nat Geo After Hours-20Nat Geo After Hours-16Nat Geo After Hours-15Nat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After HoursNat Geo After Hours

150619Nat Geo-223

150619Nat Geo-192150619Nat Geo-212

150619Nat Geo-158

150619Nat Geo-194150619Nat Geo-204

Nat Geo After Hours-47

Nat Geo After Hours

150619Nat Geo-069