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photos by: Shauna Alexander and Julia Benton
personal shopping story by: Svetlana

Even if you hoped/sort of knew it would be great-the BUTLER+CLAYPOOL preview shopping event still exceeded all (personal) expectations. For me, I walked down to American Ice Co in that blustery wind, repeating on the inside: you will not buy anything. you do not need more dresses. you will not buy anything. you do not need more dresses. I walked in with resolve, and approximately 1.5 minutes later, made instantly drunk by the smell of ($3) hot toddies filling the air, all the beautiful people trying on hats and belts everywhere and sequins glimmering in the February sun, I was making my way (rather urgently and with extreme purpose) to the rest/changing room with a black and white pleated skirt, a phenomenal knife pleated purple dress with scalloped sleeves and a royal blue sequined disco number I could not help but want to wear to EVERY single party I was to get invited to ever.

I tried all three things on, they all fit perfectly (which, in the vintage world is rare because I am insanely tall and hence, not a size 4 waist) and I marched over to the counter and handed over $95 (for 3 phenomenal items?! did I mention everything was almost insanely well priced?). In the walk from trying my dresses on to paying for them I ran into assorted friends, colleagues, local celebrities et al, all of which were clutching their own perfect three dresses (or hats, or purses, or cowboy boots…).

I ran out before I tried something else on/bought everything in site. Thankfully Julia and Shauna were on hand to take some more photos of it all. We look forward to this happening again. And soon

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more photos by Julia:

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