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ALL WORDS: Alana Wise, ALL PHOTOS: Katherine Gaines

Broods surprising smash-hit, “Bridges,” crossed the waterways and infiltrated the music space like a non-native honeybee infiltrating… something historically relevant. Look, the metaphor might not be great, but the song is, so when they announced a show in D.C., I knew I had to be there.


I arrived to the venue a couple hours before the show to chat with the band about life after fame, fans, and American pharmaceuticals, because of course that’s what we’d talk about.

I met the siblings Georgia and Caleb, Georgia with newly chopped, freshly blonde locks, and Caleb apparently suffering from some sort of modern New Zealand plague*. When I suggested that he make a quick run to CVS and purchase some Theraflu, he cocked his adorably coiffed head at me and asked “Theeraflu?”

After our chat session, I readied myself for the start of their performance as closely to the stage as possible.


After what felt like an eternity, the opening act, Meg Myers, took the stage. Though I had never heard of her before the night, she made an instant fan of me. Her thick, syrupy voice o tracks like “Say Nothing” and “Monster” are almost reminiscent of Alanis Morisette, but her performance is completely her own. Full body rocks that border on convulsions and head bangs where one would not normally expect head bangs where one would not normally expect head bangs made for a thoroughly enjoyable performance.


By the time Broods was preparing to take the stage, Myers’ moody lyrics and dramatic strums had put me in just the right mood to hear some of the deliciously dark notes of their new album.


The duo did not disappoint. Everything about their performance was beautifully haunting. Every note, every pick of the guitar, every light flicker added to the intimacy of the performance and added completion to a scene that was almost to perfect to replicate. Georgia’s voice sticks to everything it touches. The more airy notes in “Bridges” seemed to swirl around the room like cartoon doves and the deeper tones of  lingered sleepily in the atmosphere.


Everything about the show combined to form a truly perfect concert experience, and the group’s humbleness about the whole thing only makes you want to like them more.

In short, the pair is truly talented. They’ve got a brilliant future on the horizon.


*Probably not a Zealander plague… Probably just a cold… Probably.