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ZooLights is happening at the zoo through January 1 but sadly BrewLights is but one night of the year.

112918_Brew Lights_176_F

It’s hard to make the zoo more fun but beer CERTAINLY doesn’t hurt which is why BrewLights is one of our favorite beer events of the year. And whew boy did some of DC’s best breweries keep the night lit (why this joke?).

112918_Brew Lights_173_F112918_Brew Lights_170_F112918_Brew Lights_109_F

Of course you can’t forget the actual zoo part of the zoo! Animals! So many animals! No, we did not give this turtle a beer but we wouldn’t not give this turtle a beer. We got to hang out with reptiles and great cats and small mammals…oh my!

112918_Brew Lights_126_F112918_Brew Lights_167_F

The evening wasn’t all booze and animals (though that is honestly the perfect night). The main event is of course the stunning light show. The zoo really goes all out every year. If you’re like us and can’t decorate an entire apartment building with lights, this is a pretty good stand-in.

112918_Brew Lights_156_F112918_Brew Lights_140_F112918_Brew Lights_106_F112918_Brew Lights_103_F112918_Brew Lights_102_F112918_Brew Lights_084_F112918_Brew Lights_099_F112918_Brew Lights_095_F112918_Brew Lights_092_F112918_Brew Lights_090_F112918_Brew Lights_086_F112918_Brew Lights_079_F112918_Brew Lights_071_F112918_Brew Lights_054_F112918_Brew Lights_052_F112918_Brew Lights_042_F112918_Brew Lights_040_F112918_Brew Lights_037_F112918_Brew Lights_035_F

112918_Brew Lights_027_F112918_Brew Lights_031_F112918_Brew Lights_028_F112918_Brew Lights_026_F112918_Brew Lights_023_F112918_Brew Lights_022_F