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California iconoclast Brett Dennen’s music is strangely captivating. In all honesty, his voice is just pretty annoying, but yet I consider myself to be a big fan. His whiny, twangy songs somehow completely grow on you and his enthusiastic, playful performance at the 9:30 Club last Saturday really sealed the deal for me. The crowd at Saturday’s show consisted of everyone from giddy high school girls to excited older couples; Dennen’s positive, socially conscious lyrics clearly appeal to all groups/walks of life.

Opening act Bobby Long put me to sleep, but maybe I was just tired. Some people seemed to really love his set. Luckily, Dennen’s performance woke me up. He hit the stage brimming with confidence, barefoot, swiveling and leaping around while fronting a surprisingly hard hitting band. Dennen’s Loverboy tour is promoting the newest of his four albums which incorporates folk, pop and reggae influences. At close listen, some of the songs sound alike, without much variation. Somehow that doesn’t seem to matter when he’s on stage. What is lacking in melody, is compensated by Dennen’s natural, soulful being. He just really means it. This kid has got it.

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