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all photos: Shauna  Alexander
all words: Mare Lewicki

This past Saturday, hot on the heels of winning the BYT/Affinity Lab reader’s choice award (congratulations you guys/girls!), Bored of Trade’s Tooth-N-Nail event occured.

For the uninitiated, Bored of Trade is a collective of 6 artists, designers and retail experts looking to jump start their creative careers through website development, retail sales and event planning.  The group started as a basement retail outlet and art and music performing space and has since thrown a number of events, each getting more and more buzz and goodwill in DC.

BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2029

It all went down from 11-7 at The Velvet Lounge on U St.  The place was was filled with happy faces, catchy tunes (spun by one of the founders, Lindsay Hart), and cupcakes (not to mention racks of awesome vintage clothes, handmade jewelry, and records!)  We were given the opportunity to speak to vendors, one of the ladies in charge of Bored of Trade, and also an enthusiastic customer.

BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2096 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2086 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2044

BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2024

BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2042

What has been your favorite part about Tooth-N-Nail (to one of the ladies in Bored of Trade)?

Jennifer– Just all of the smiley faces!  It is so special when someone has made something and they get to see the person who is purchasing their item.  They get to interact with them and that makes me really happy.  So I guess that is what it’s all really about.

BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2036

What has been your favorite part so far about Tooth-N-Nail ( to cheerful customer)?

Sara- Probably the purse I just purchased.  I was trying to say “No”  but the interior pocket has this awesome cowboy material and so I couldn’t  resist!

BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2085

What has been your favorite part about Today ( to vendors)?

Orr Shtuhl (who is also City Paper‘s Beer Spotter-ed)– I am exhibiting and I wrote a book and collaborated with an illustrator to make a picture book.  My favorite part has been being able to talk to the readers.  I’m also, probably, the only person here who has only written so it’s not like textile where you can buy a pair of sunglasses and put them on.  It is cool to watch like 1 in 30 people pick it up and look into it and ask me about it!  I’ll then get to have a conversation with a reader which is cool.  I also write for the City Paper and rarely interact with readers.  It’s just really cool to do both.  This is more like hand-in-hand combat.  It’s fun.

BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2094

Mia (of Murai Vintage) –  Hmmm, I wanna say all the people who have come through.  It has been really nice to see people coming out and enjoying the arts.  That’s basically it!  I really like this type of crowd because it’s an underground arts type thing, so that would definitely be my favorite part.

BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2102

Carey ( of Tanglewood)- I’ve actually met a lot of people here that I know are doing things in DC, like who I’ve heard of but have never gotten facetime with.  People have just stopped by to have conversations so just meeting people has been a lot of fun.

BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2052

Chandy ( of Project Dispatch)I like meeting artists.  That has been the number one this we have been doing is meeting artists and talking to artists while also getting inspired.  Hopefully getting people into the project.

BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2034

All in all, Tooth-N-Nail was a fun, happy event filled with cool clothes and awesome people.  Be sure to check out Bored of Trade’s website to continue to support them and  see if there are any goodies you missed from Saturday!

BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2112 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2112 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2112 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2113 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2111 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2113 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2086 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2071 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2067 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2053 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2053 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2053 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2033 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2015 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2033 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2045 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2045 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2045 BoT ToothNail_27Mar10-2018