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Photos By Armando Gallardo, Words By Julie Espinosa

DC is lucky to have all kinds of great music acts stop by to entertain and blow our musical minds almost on a daily basis, so when my eye caught an ad with the words ‘Brass band’ and ‘New Orleans’, I knew I was in for a treat. Enter Bonerama.

The Hamilton hosted the three trombonists and guitar player ensemble, which rocked the house from top to bottom with the funkiest of the sounds that I’ve heard in a while. Bonerama brought New Orleans inspired lively, funky, and eclectic beats to the District with a twist of their own pedal-driven and wonderfully executed brass music extravaganza that brought the Hamilton down.

The band played two 50-minutes sets with songs such as “Funky Brown Shorts,” “Shake your Regulator” and even did a few covers which turned out to be quite the crowd-pleasers – inviting the audience to sing along while dancing the night away at the pit. If you add to that fantastic ensemble the intimate and mysterious flair that The Hamilton can have, you can be damn sure that those that decided to add a bit of spice to their Friday night, instead of staying home to watch a few hours of Netflix, were more than satisfied with their decision.

The DC Jazz Fest is halfway done but for music fans who were wise enough to check out the shows listings of the previous week, Bonerama certainly delivered what one of the audience members called, “a killer DC Jazz Fest pre-gaming party.”