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All photos: Franz Mahr

Like beer? Of course you do. If you like beer (again, of course you do) and you missed Black Sheep (we hope you didn’t), allow us to report that the Ommegang/No Kings Collective collaboration at Hierarchy was a tasting extravaganza not to be missed. There were Ommegang ales. There were savory lamb dishes. There were attractive and fun people dancing throughout the night. What’s not to love?

Check out our photos below while you hope and pray that another tag-teamed event like this happens again soon:

Black Sheep_FRM-28Black Sheep_FRM-25Black Sheep_FRM-23Black Sheep_FRM-24Black Sheep_FRM-21Black Sheep_FRM-22Black Sheep_FRM-19Black Sheep_FRM-20Black Sheep_FRM-16Black Sheep_FRM-17Black Sheep_FRM-18Black Sheep_FRM-13

Black Sheep_FRM-14Black Sheep_FRM-15Black Sheep_FRM-12Black Sheep_FRM-9Black Sheep_FRM-10

Black Sheep_FRM-7Black Sheep_FRM-8Black Sheep_FRM-5Black Sheep_FRM-2Black Sheep_FRM-3Black Sheep_FRM-1