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all photos: Kimberly Cadena

My Mother has one photo rule: never have your face in the same frame with a glass of alcohol, you never know when it will come to haunt you. But then my Mother doesn’t go to events like ” Best of Peru” which is Washington Life’s inaugural annual party which is intended to celebrate the culture and industry of places all across the world and how they’re represented within DC’s economic/cultural landscape.

Which, in the case, of  this Textile Museum event (side note-how much do we love Textile Museum these days? So much. Moving into that garden of theirs would be a perfect way to spend the spring/summer), meant: ALPACA, LEATHER, lots of ceviche, a Peruvian band and  a pisco sout mix-off, where, Artini style, a number of local mixologists concoct new, innovative twists to the traditional Peruvian cocktail, and the attendees taste them all and vote.

Use this list as a cheat sheet guide to a good alcoholic taste of Peru in DC:

  • Mio: Spicy Macchu Pisco (hands down our favorite, a perfect blend of tart and spicy, we were back for seconds before we could even realize how unwise it was)
  • The Passenger: Chiraw Mita (delicious and as close to the original, unfallible recipe as there was, with the little floating rose on top of the foam as a nice touch)
  • Ceiba: Pisco Nuevo (burnt on top for an amazing whiff of caramel before you plunge into the tartness)
  • Occasions: Pisco Passion (passion fruity and almost blended with chipped ice, a perfect summer treat)
  • Funxion: Dysfunxion (sweet and tangy, boldly purple in a sea of yellowish cocktails)

Peru-16Peru-17 Peru-18 Peru-14 Peru-15Peru-10 Peru-10 Peru-10 Peru-11 Peru-12 Peru-13Peru-9Peru-7 Peru-6 Peru-7 Peru-5Peru-4Peru-2 Peru-1 Peru-1 Peru-2 Peru-3 Peru-8 Peru-3