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all photos: Shauna Alexander
all words: Josh Stewart

Last Saturday WGTB: Georgetown University Radio overcame the huge hurdle of ya know… being in Georgetown by throwing a nice little Saturday night show.
SA.Best Coast-0381
DC’s very own bedroom pop prodigy Long Walks On The Beach kicked off the show, and in 3 minutes flat had every co-ed dancing like fools. Covering both “Got My Mind Set on You” (made famous by George Harrison) and “OMG” by Usher, LWOTB closed out with “metaPhysical” and gave our Saturday night a great start.
SA.Best Coast-0181 SA.Best Coast-0183
Cults (also fueled by girl power) delivered a childlike sincerity mixed with eerie Motown vibes. Their hit “Go Outside” nearly overpowered the college crowd.
SA.Best Coast-0330
Best Coast delivered perfectly-crafted crooning songs about heartbreak. Though formulaic, there is something endearing about both front woman Bethany Cosentino’s songwriting style and substance. You feel the heartache without really having to think too much about it. It’s a fine line and Best Coast walks it pretty nicely. Crowd favorites included “Sun Was High (So Was I),” “Boyfriend” (I counted 4 makeouts during this song alone), and Bethany Cosentino’s chugging of the now infamous party bev FOUR LOKO.
See you soon, Georgetown… but not too soon.

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