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all photos: Shauna Alexander

If you follow our theatre coverage you know that BASIL TWIST’s PETRUSHKA, the kick of play of his DC Festival this spring, is pretty much our most favoritest thing we’ve seen hit a stage this season (And probably beyond).

The puppet interpretation of the classic Stravinsky Ballet Russes’ ballet of the same name closes its one week run this Sunday and somehow manages to be the perfect marriage of wonder, artistic integrity and insane skill.

After Wednesday’s matinee performance, Shauna stopped by Shakespeare Theatre Co.’s Lansburgh Theatre and hung out with the puppetteers behind the stage. What we have below is a magical and special inside look into the intricacies of the human labor that goes into making these puppets as alive as they seem within that gilded frame on stage.

ENJOY and remember: Basil Twist’s TWIST FESTIVAL continues through May 6th and is NOT TO BE MISSED-so check out upcoming performances/get tickets etc HERE. WE WILL BE EXTENSIVELY COVERING IT, pinky promise.

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