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Photos By Jeremy Kim

The DC Beerathon came to, you guessed it, DC last weekend. 26 bars participated in being bars. While this sounds like a normal weekend, it also featured people in costumes for no discernible reason. We get the backwards hat and hoodies and dudes in beards holding beers, but why was a couple costumed? Why did some guy end up with Mardi Gras beads? It’s the middle of November in DC, there’s no costume or Mardi Gras needs for the foreseeable future. Whatever. I’m sure they had a lot of fun. People in costumes are always having more fun.

Sorry, one last thing, where does one even find an American flag cowboy hat? Is that a Halloween leftover? What was the costume? Naked Cowboy? The Naked Cowboy wears a white cowboy hat. Besides the guy below, who is wearing this hat?