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all photos by Josh Sisk who stopped by three distinctive parties this weekend:

  • Hollywood & Daily Void @ the Golden West (Unregistered Nurse Presents)-this is one with the punks looking dirty and falling off of tables)
  • Taxlo featuring Dave Nada’s Going Away Party @ Sonar – this is the one with Dave Nada
  • Hampden Fest f/ Sick Weapons & Double Dagger – this is the one outside

DSC_0935.jpg DSC_0933.jpg DSC_0932.jpg DSC_0920.jpg DSC_0915.jpg DSC_0908.jpg DSC_0916.jpg DSC_0894.jpg DSC_0892.jpg DSC_0875.jpg DSC_0863.jpg DSC_0823.jpg DSC_0822.jpg DSC_0799.jpg DSC_0797.jpg DSC_0770.jpg DSC_0755.jpg DSC_0753.jpg DSC_0757.jpg DSC_0747.jpg DSC_0677.jpg DSC_0731.jpg DSC_0696.jpg DSC_0687.jpg DSC_0730.jpg DSC_0716.jpg DSC_0704.jpg DSC_0676.jpg DSC_0364.jpg DSC_0675.jpg DSC_0367.jpg DSC_0363.jpg DSC_0361.jpg DSC_0360.jpg DSC_0359.jpg DSC_0356.jpg DSC_0351.jpg DSC_0350.jpg