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all photos: Priscilla De Lima Ledesma

Since last November, DC’s chapter of AWESOME FOUNDATION has been awarding $1000 cash to a project that promotes awesomeness in the District and surrounds. Your idea/innovation/project can be sublime or ridiculous (or sublimely ridiculous!) as long as it meets the following criteria:

1.    It’s awesome.
2.    It’s got impact.
3.    It’s going to happen soon.

This past Wednesday the board and it’s disciples threw a chock-a-block packed party @ ONE Lounge in Dupont Circle where attendees mingles, perused a bunch of different ideas (displayed science fair style on tables across the room) and voted for their favorites (which ranged from Light Painting to micro mash ups to awesome jams to some lady in a “I Dream Of Jeannie” outfit who I could not 100% figure out but she seemed fun?). It was a good time, and we’re excited to see this in DC. There’s nothing else you need to know about it. Oh yeah….to enter, complete the Washington DC application form here.

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