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It seems like Awesome Con gets a little more, well, awesome every year. The cosplaying is always a highlight. Oftentimes folks work all year on what they’re going to wear and who they are going to be and just how deep they are going to go into their character. Someone please teach me how to make a costume or apply makeup or just not be myself. That’s my favorite part of Awesome Con, having the freedom to showcase who you are and what you love sans judgment.

And of course let us not forget THE GUESTS. We always get our fair share of Doctor Who folks but David Tennant (ALSO OF THE FRIGHT NIGHT REBOOT FAME) showed up for a panel with Dr. Grant Tremblay and Dr. Matt Shindell who are legit galaxy experts, to chat about what’s really happening in the final frontier. Can we boldly go where no person has gone before? SHOULD WE? The Godfather of Comics, Stan Lee, popped by. If you missed him at Awesome Con you can check out Two Questions with Stan Lee! My personal fave, Edgar Wright (um Shaun of the Dead among others), dropped some clips from his latest film Baby Driver. Be on the lookout for our interview with him soon which was really more of a dance party. True story.

I love this little nerdfest and I look forward to it every year. If you think it’s not for you, you’re wrong. Awesome Con has a little something for everyone which is what makes it so, well, awesome.

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