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Photos By Tatiana Gulenkina

As is tradition now, at the very brink of spring, Washington DC spends a couple of weeks happy-hour hopping through some of the city’s best bars trying cocktails concocted by some of DC’s finest mixologists inspired by the works of art from Corcoran’s permanent collection. A portion of the bar revenue goes to benefit the museum and then, at the end of the long drinking rope is a long, drinking night where everyone dons their party outfit best and trots out to dance, romance and imbibe the night away at the annual Artini Gala.


This Saturday, after a tumultuous winter of announcements for the gallery, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and people arrived ready to drink and show off their creative cocktailwear, both around the gallery and in the VIP/Celebrity Cruises lounge upstairs complete wiht a  ‘Strawberry Fields’ dress as a living take on one of their signature dishes.


Jack Rose won the critic’s choice awards, for their “The Golden Age” cocktail by Nick Lowe and Trevor Frye, and absinthe rinsed, peach bittered (watch Nick and Trevor make it HERE) but other favorites included Range’s Dane Nakamura “Perry ‘s Tot of Gin Rickey” which boldy went the vinegar and sweet potato route, Farmers Fishers and Bakers “Delancey Street” and the two Niagara Falls inspired cocktails by Quill and City Tap House.

Ok, now… enjoy the photos: