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All Words and Photos: Rachel Eisley

While blustery winds drove icy powdery snow swirling across Dupont Circle, well-heeled Washingtonians donned their fancy best for Art Soiree’s latest elegant extravaganza – the Love Masquerade, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Guests donned a gold, green or red mask based on their relationship status, whether “happily in a relationship”  “single and ready to mingle” or “confused.”

Although many guests ended up forgoing their disguises altogether, several uniquely beautiful masks of mardi-gras epic proportions appeared, and everyone was right at home in the luxurious interior of the Washington Club.  A dessert buffet featuring mini cheesecakes and cupcakes, cream puffs and other delights satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth and the open bar was well appointed and staffed.  The music ranged from R&B standards to salsa and jazz, with the DJ John Jazz and musician friends bringing in live instrumentation on a few songs with saxophone, trumpet, guitar and drums! A fabulous fashion show by Moscow designer Evgenia Luzhina-Salazar appeared halfway through the night, with models walking through the crowds festooned in sequined evening wear based on traditional Russian folk costumes and headdresses.  A raffle with prizes was drawn for gift cards to primo DC establishments and a VIP Art Soiree membership, and the party was still going past midnight!  Another fab event by Art Soiree, an art event production team focused on encouraging up-and-coming artists and designers, attended by an always elegant and diverse international crowd!  Don’t miss the next Art Soiree, coming up on the evening of February 26th, a black-tie optional Oscar watching party complete with a red carpet, paparazzi and more! Tickets are a bargain $25 and the event will be held at DC’s newest 24/hour entertainment and dining establishment, the Hamilton!

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