PHOTOS: Art Soiree’s Funky White Night
Rachel Eisley | Jun 5, 2012 | 9:30AM |

all words and photos: Rachel Eisley

Do you wish you could add a touch of Miami Beach or Long Beach to your Thursday night?  Look no further than Art Soiree‘s latest venture – the Thursday evening Sunset Rooftop Performance Series atop the Beacon Hotel, where an elegant and international crowd lounges in the comfortably appointed resort-style rooftop complete with canopies and dramatic lighting, while listening to live musical acts and enjoying the view of DC (which is alone worth the ticket price of $10!)  This past Thursday’s theme was “Funky White Night,” with everyone invited to wear white, and check out the chill and expertly performed music of The Cricket Fusion, a contemporary jazz trio from DC, as well as DJ John Jazz. The atmosphere was congenial and laid-back, with plenty of opportunity to make rounds through the mingling crowd, or stick with a group of friends in a comfy spot to enjoy the sunset and libations.  This Thursday’s event is called “Opera Rendezvous” and features an opera duo of Jose Sacin & Ernesto Bravo as well as latest sounds by DJ FOTIFO.  Tickets are available online only and don’t forget your cocktail attire!

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