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all photos: Dakota Fine, Ben Droz, Blink Of An Eye

We’ll spend the better part of today (and a part of tomorrow) focusing on photos from all the OTHER art activities happening in DC this past weekend (photos from (e)merge ran yesterday, and you can see them here) and we’ll kick things off with some snaps from the phenomenally ambitious, one night DC Version of NUIT BLANCHE aka ART ALL NIGHT, which focused on turning the area between Chinatown and Shaw neighborhoods into a walking/talking/dancing art experience with an afterparty at the fabled Wonderbread factory which saw kids coming out in droves, even though there was absolutely nothing in terms of refreshments there past 11pm (I guess further proof it is all about location, location, location in these situations).

Enjoy the photos and let us know in the comments what some of your highlights from the evening were.

OH AND-Keep checking back for submerge, Nuit De La Mode, fairfairfair and but is it Art? photos. Cool? Cool.

photos by Dakota:

DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-101 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-103 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-105 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-106 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-107 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-108 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-110 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-112 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-113 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-115 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-116 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-118 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-123 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-124 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-125 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-126 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-127 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-128 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-129 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-130 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-131 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-132 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-133 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-135 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-137 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-138 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-139 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-140 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-141 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-142 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-143 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-144 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-146 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-147 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-148 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-150 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-151 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-102 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-109 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-111 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-114 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-121 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-134 DF11_9.24_NuitBlanche-149

more snaps by Ben:

2011 Art All Night-9 2011 Art All Night-30 2011 Art All Night-100 2011 Art All Night-24 2011 Art All Night-113 2011 Art All Night-102 2011 Art All Night-122 2011 Art All Night-147 2011 Art All Night-165 2011 Art All Night-196 2011 Art All Night-229 2011 Art All Night-269 Afterparty Afterparty Afterparty Afterparty DSC_0284 DSC_0291 DSC_0308 DSC_0301 DSC_0315 DSC_0336 DSC_0338 DSC_0369 DSC_0380

and a couple of closing snaps by Blink

Wonderbread Wonderbread Wonderbread Wonderbread Wonderbread Wonderbread Wonderbread Wonderbread

till next year