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all photos: Franz Mahr, Blink OfAnEye, Andy DelGiudice

Every year, Art All Night is a highlight of the Fall event schedule in DC. And it certainly proved itself by attracting thousands of revelers and art fans during what seemed like the busiest weekend DC has had in a while (did anything NOT happen this weekend?). Having said that, it’s impossible to see every piece of art during it. The 8 hour event features over 100 artists in 5 neighborhoods. We sent three photographers and got a glimpse into the consistently growing evening of art, this year, with an extra dose of light installations, which lets face it, DC could certainly use more of:

Art All Night_092715_0019


Art All Night_092615_0007Art All Night_092615_0013

DGDC Art All Night-6DGDC Art All Night-7DGDC Art All Night-9artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15

DGDC Art All Night-14DGDC Art All Night-13DGDC Art All Night-12DGDC Art All Night-11artallnight15

DGDC Art All Night-1Art All Night_092615_0006artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15

Art All Night_092615_0003Art All Night_092615_0004artallnight15artallnight15

Art All Night_092615_0008Art All Night_092615_0014

Art All Night_092615_0010artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15artallnight15

DGDC Art All Night-8DGDC Art All Night-10DGDC Art All Night-5DGDC Art All Night-5DGDC Art All Night-4DGDC Art All Night-3DGDC Art All Night-2Art All Night_092615_0011Art All Night_092615_0009Art All Night_092615_0015Art All Night_092615_0016Art All Night_092715_0017DGDC Art All Night-15