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Make sure to swing by The Cheshire’s Garage Art Party on Saturday night from 8-11pm (2412 18th St NW, alleyway)!

There’ll be art drinks and music in a garage art gallery. Music by Meso Creso DJ Tierra del Fuego ft. activist art and installation works by Women’s March artists Rose Jaffe, Katty Huertas and Crystal Clarity; light art by Stephanie Mercerdes; Monica Jahan Bose; installation work by Xena Ni; Extinction Rebellion artist Cesar Maxit; filmmaker Paris Preston; street artist Absurdly Well; painters Dana Ellyn; Matt Sesow; D3w; photographer Armando Gallardo, Washington Post photojournalist Oliver Contreras; poet Peyman; and performance art by Kayti Didricksen. Artists participating in the show have shown work in Venice, Miami, New York, the Kennedy Center, with coverage in The Washington Post, Washingtonian, CityLab, and Guardian.


In the meantime, scope some shots by Blink Ofaneye right here // we went behind the scenes and it was, in a word, INCREDIBLE: