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All photos: Keli A.

The ladies crowding the tables at the Duplex Diner on Friday certainly drew a few confused looks from the predominately-male regulars. But that didn’t matter, nor did the fact that Snowpocolypse/snOMG/Snowmaggedon 2009 was bearing down on us. The Duplex Diner was cozy, the ladies mingling and miss lesbanAnnie was playing an eclectic mix of tunes that, while chill enough to eat tater tots and chicken tenders to, nonetheless had party goers bopping at their tables and in the aisles. Anniething Goes was certainly a success, packing the bar with all sorts of haircuts and lezzies of every stripe. Be on the look out for more happy hours headed your way, courtesy of miss lesbanAnnie and the Duplex Diner.


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