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Photos By Katherine Gaines, Words By Alex Doll

If you’re a crazy cat lady who’s worked with the likes of Megadeth, there is nothing more meowtal than piling over a dozen cats into a tour bus and taking the rock on the road. Famous feline meowsicians, Tuna and the Rock-Cats (featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not), alongside Cluck Norris, their plucky percussionist and fowl familiar, are just one of the many amazing acts within this cacophony of claws. The mayhem of modest mousers is comprised of several impressively acrobatic climbers, hoop- jumpers and divers, awesomely agile albino rats and a preciously portly groundhog on gong duty.

Effortlessly unique and endlessly hilarious, this paw-some purr-ade of rowdy rescues is nothing short of spectacular. Fur real- don’t miss your chance to catch these patriotic pussies as they pounce through the Nation’s Cat-pital! Purrformances continue through June 28.