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Photos by Blinkofaneye, Nicholas Karlin, Tam Sackman

The inaugural 202 Comedy Festival, 18 shows over 4 nights in 9 venues, featured over 100 D.C. and former D.C. comics. Below is just a sample of some of the shows, highlights including Bentzen Ball alums Seaton Smith, Aparna Nancherla, Jermaine Fowler, Jamel Johnson and many, many more.

Thursday, April 13

It’s Lit @ Big Hunt

With Shelley Kim, Donnie Sengstack, David Tveite, Brittany Carney, Benjy Himmelfarb, Adam Friedland, Jessey Morner-Ritt, Stavros Halkias, Brandon Wardell

Its LitIts LitIts LitIts LitIts LitIts LitIts LitIts LitIts LitIts LitIts LitIts LitIts LitIts LitIts Lit

The Improv Stand Up Mashup @ The White Room

With Josh Kuderna, Adrian Rodney, Brandon Fisher, Andrew Bucket, Kasha Patel, Pete Bergen, Kate Symes, Mikael Johnson

Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-2Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-3Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-5Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-6Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-8Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-9Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-10Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-12Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-13Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-14Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-15Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-17Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-18Improv Stand-Up Mash-Up-1

Friday, April 14

Romane & Lettuce @ The Wonderland Ballroom

With Jamel Johnson, Romane Walters, Michael Foody, Rallo Boykins, Brain Parise, Bill Metzger, Andy Haynes, Laura Prangley, Nick Turner, Seaton Smith

Romane and Lettuce-1Romane and Lettuce-3Romane and Lettuce-4Romane and Lettuce-7Romane and Lettuce-8Romane and Lettuce-10Romane and Lettuce-11Romane and Lettuce-12Romane and Lettuce-14Romane and Lettuce-16Romane and Lettuce-18Romane and Lettuce-20Romane and Lettuce-21Romane and Lettuce-22Romane and Lettuce-23Romane and Lettuce-25Romane and Lettuce-26Romane and Lettuce-27

Sadness Town @ Eastern Confederate

With David Tveite and Lafayette Wright

DSC_0011 (1)DSC_0029 (1)DSC_0034 (1)DSC_0039 (1)

Saturday, April 15

The Big Show @ Black Cat

With Romane & Lettuce, Jermaine Fowler, Aparna Nancherla, Seaton Smith

The Big Show-4The Big Show-8The Big Show-9The Big Show-10The Big Show-12The Big Show-15The Big Show-13The Big Show-14The Big Show-16The Big Show-17The Big Show-18The Big Show-20The Big Show-23The Big Show-25The Big Show-27The Big Show-28The Big Show-29The Big Show-30The Big Show-31The Big Show-32The Big Show-33The Big Show-36