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photos by Dakota Fine

words by Sepie Moinipanah

Passion Pit headlined, with Tokyo Police Club as openers, at the 930 Club this past Thursday. We were lucky enough to catch them in action. -DF


Being a big fan of both Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club, I knew that a good time was in store. Arriving earlier than most, I grabbed a  drink at the bar and camped out on the front-line positioning myself to the right of the stage, directly in front of the barricade.

Tokyo Police Club pulled out all the stops with their set. Featuring songs off their forthcoming album <hamp, as well as older classics from Elephant Shell and A Lesson in Crime, the Canadian quartet showcased high-level energy and bass-heavy ballads with a “Nature of the Experiment” and a “Your English is Good”/”Be Good” combination. TPC will make another DC appearance next month, headlining at the Black Cat.


DF10_6.3_TokyoPoliceClub-102 DF10_6.3_TokyoPoliceClub-107

DF10_6.3_TokyoPoliceClub-103 DF10_6.3_TokyoPoliceClub-104


Passion Pit took the stage giving props to openers before quickly tearing into their synth-pop beats. Previously aware of Michael Angelakos’ highly scrutinized track record as a vocalist, I walked through the doors of 9:30 with this in mind and adjusted my expectations accordingly. The band quickly worked the crowd as audience members displayed their dance floor and falsetto colors. This demonstration of smooth sound that Angelakos and company offered fueled pure party antics for those in attendance.




The synthesizers and drums seemed a bit overpowering throughout the set, making it difficult to hear Angelakos’ vocals. Opening with “Cuddle Fuddle”, a personal favorite, the band did not seem to find their groove until several songs later with “The Reeling”. Once Passion Pit began to gel, the performance took flight. The aforementioned issues upfront on the mic seemed to have dissipated and the band won me over with their live rendition of “Folds In Your Hands” which was accompanied with an extended synth-driven solo that triggered a killer on-stage Passion Pit freak-out. Despite some inconsistencies during the first half of their set, the band successfully achieved their groove and put forth a memorable performance.


DF10_6.3_PassionPit-104 DF10_6.3_PassionPit-107 DF10_6.3_PassionPit-131DF10_6.3_PassionPit-130DF10_6.3_PassionPit-119