PHOTOBOOTH PHOTOS: End of The World Party
svetlana | Dec 28, 2012 | 10:00AM |

and now for the photobooth snaps (Thanks ONOMONOMEDIA). For party photos, click here.

before we delve the 400+ photos you all managed to take of yourselves this Friday, we’d love to, as always, do some thanking:

  • Thank you to All Things Go and NO KINGS COLLECTIVE for partnering with us on this one
  • Thank you to all the outstanding musical talent there Friday night: RAC, Ghost Beach, BRETT, Lightwaves-you guys made every song count
  • Thank you to ONOMONOMEDIA for being our photobooth always and forever.
  • Thank you to Stella Artois for supporting all BYT events this year
  • Thank you to BULLEIT for being the official bourbon of this event
  • Thank you to vitaminwater for keeping everyone hydrated
  • Thank you to Red Bull for giving everyone wings
  • Thank you to our laser guys-you lasered it up real good
  • Thank you to the t-shirt printing dudes and the mechanical bull dudes and the chicken and waffles guy-we could not have made it without you
  • Thank you to our  staff for checking everyone  efficiently, our bar staff for keeping a drink in everyone’s hand and everyone else in between
  • Thank you to our photographers for shooting non stop and all the time.

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  • Liberty says:

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  • Trisha says:

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