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photos by Dakota Fine

As you may know by now vitaminwater uncapped LIVE opens TONIGHT! 2217 14th street (14TH AND FLORIDA NW).


This is the first of 15 nationwide uncapped’s happening this year (and will be hard to beat, if we say so ourselves). We have the exhibit opening for Art Whino’s G40 summit from 6 to 9pm and then there is a big Fatback/Tender Loin/QUE SERA jammy jam going on. In our opinion it is pretty much the single greatest thing ever: vitaminwater, BYT and Art Whino teams have been there building this funhouse for you and the final product is something we’re all just so very, very proud of (even if we lost a couple of fingers and our sanity in the process) we hope you’ll come see us once, twice, 20 times in between now and June 17th, when we close (aside from Mondays, when we sleep).

What you can expect: over 200 artists taking over 25000 sq.ft (4 floors, make sure to check them ALL OUT), pretty awesome live shows/dance parties/panels/etc (working schedule of events is available here, but we will be updating them every week), a daytime lounge with free wi-fi and endless (ENDLESS) free hydration by vitaminwater (+ a cash bar, and yes, we do have ATMs on site), great happy hour deals courtesy of Living Social Instant App and more.

PERTINENT TWITTER UPDATED INFO: follow: @BYT, @vitaminwater, @ArtWhino – and use #uncapped hashtag. COOL? (cool)

BUT-for now, lets all just enjoy these photos of the space (before the masses descend on it)


  • Friday May 20th: Fatback DJs bring 3 of their parties into one space: FATBACK classic/ TENDERLOIN (slow jams in the lounge) / QUE SERA (garage rock in the garage). 10pm. FREE
  • Saturday May 21st: END OF THE WORLD PARTY (in anticipation of rapture) feat: Chris Burns, All Girls Squad DJs (Ultra Nate and Lisa Moody), House of Soul (Live band), Sam Burns, NavBox, Rosario, Roger Samuel, Mike Fisher, Sarah. 10pm. $1 DOOR DONATION
  • Sunday May 22nd: Special POST RAPTURE Pocket Gays Sunday School daytime brunch gathering: food truck food, st.germaine champagne cocktails, games, music etc
  • Tuesday May 24th: Rival Skies, Shark Week, Marian McLaughlin – live show. 9PM-FREE.
  • Wednesday May 25th: Call and Response DJ night + local bands play slow jams in the lounge
  • Thursday May 26th: Happy Hour with “Brendan Wetherbee reads the Classics”: 6:30-9:30pm – interpretative reading of the movie “PUMP UP THE VOLUME” followed by HariKaraoke (LIVE BAND KARAOKE) @ 10PM. FREE.

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