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all photos: Dakota Fine

In a very charming, and very DC turn of events, this holiday season, Embassy of Denmark partnered up the Corcoran College of Art students to celebrate both the spirit of Christmas and their 50th year anniversary. The result was  CREATIVE CHRISTMAS: 50 Years of Iconic Danish Design, a very special installation at the Danish Embassy  (on view to the public, TODAY AND ONLY TODAY from 1-5pm at 3200 Whitehaven Road) pieces of which will complement , Origin to Icon: Exploring Danish Design, at the Corcoran’s Gallery 31 which opens this Saturday, December 11.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the preview viewings of the show which features 50 interpretations of the Christmas tree (using everything from fiber to metal to plastic) which take inspiration from classic 50s and 60s Danish design. The Embassy is a perfect setting to view this because, well, it is everything you hope a 50 year old Danish Embassy would be: a modernist furniture dream, all maple woods and ergonomic furniture, with some of the best chandeliers we’ve ever seen.

Dakota’s photos will speak for themselves but if you can take a long lunch today or play hooky from work/class/life this afternoon-we highly recommend stopping by.
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