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If you couldn’t tell from our DC Pho Round-Up, BYT is a little more than obsessed with brothy noodle soups. Though your mileage may vary, while we love the silver rice noodle unique to pho, we’re HUGE SUCKERS for ramen. Give us those eggy, floury, crinkly noodles any day, piled high amidst broth, veggies, egg, meat and anything else you care to throw in there; to us, it’s heaven, and it’s just one of the reasons we are all about finding the best ramen spots for D.C.’s collective taste buds. We’ve rangled up some fabulous restaurants for a bite (and a ramen burger), all with some delectable options. From pork belly and lobster to pickled vegetables and fresh seasoning, it doesn’t get more delicious than this, D.C., so embrace the cold and slurp it up. It’s time to eat…


  • Daikaya
    705 6th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20001
    Sapporo-style ramen by Chef Katsuya Fukushima of Think Food Group, Daisuke Utagawa–owner of Sushiko–and Yama Jewayni, one of the founders of 18th Street Lounge. It’s so good, in fact, that Bon Apetite named one of the country’s top 50 new restaurants in 2013. Check out our full ramen taste test here and our izakaya brunch taste test here.
    Yo’ Broths: Shio (salt), Shoyu (soy sauce), miso. Vegan stock available.
    Yo’ Stand-Bys: Nitamago (soy-marinated egg), bean sprouts, nori, sesame, scallions, butter, canned corn, wakame (sea weed), menma (bamboo shoots).
    Yo’ Meat: Chasu (roast pork), ground pork, braised pork belly.
    Yo’ Money: $11+


  • Toki Underground
    1234 H Street NE (above The Pug)
    Washington, DC 20002
    (202) 388-3086
    A classic cold-weather standby for any day of the week, Toki’s broth is hearty and rich (and their potstickers with endorphin sauce are to die for). The best part? They now serve lunch. Get your noodle on, DC.
    Yo’ Broths: Tonkotsu triple stock, curry-infused Tonkotsu triple stock, roasted root vegetable soup, soybean-infused Tonkotsu triple stock.
    Yo’ Stand-Bys: soft egg, red pickled ginger, sesame, scallions and nori. (Vegetarians get  tofu, daikon, pickled cucumbers, shitake mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, sesame, scallions and nori.)
    Yo’ Meat: chasu pulled pork, five spice fried chicken; add-ons include Chashu pork cheek and revolving specials like lobster balls.
    Yo’ Money: $11-$12
    *Chef’s note: these ramen dishes are inspired by Chef Yang’s experience at a Hakata Ramen shop in Taipei.


  • Hashi Sushi
    1073 Wisconsin Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20007
    Yo’ Broths: miso, spicy miso, pork, chicken, vegetable.
    Yo’ Stand-Bys: misc. vegetables, scallions.
    Yo’ Meat: pork, chicken, beef, tonkatsu, spicy baby pork rib.
    Yo’ Money: $14.90
  • DELIVERY: NO (unless you order over $100, which could be a good reason for a ramen party)
  • Rice & DC Noodles
    1608 14th Street NW
    Washington, dc 20009
    Yo’ Broths: Clear, Spicy or Soy.
    Yo’ Stand-Bys: bean sprouts, carrots, string beans, cilantro, spring onion, bok choy, +/- ground peanuts, chili pepper, broccoli, mushroom and celery.
    Yo’ Meat: chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, seafood, duck. (Vegetarian option of crispy or soft tofu.)
    Yo’ Money: $12-$16
  • DELIVERY: Yes – via order ahead app.
  • Sakuramen
    2441 18th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20009
    (202) 656-5285
    Yo’ Broths: chicken, pork, vegetarian (shitake mushroom).
    Yo’ Stand-Bys: corn, bamboo shoots, green onion, fresh bean sprouts, mushroom.
    Yo’ Meat: pork belly, bulgogi. (Vegetarian option is marinated portabella mushroom.)
    Yo’ Money: $11-$15
  • DELIVERY: Yes, via postmates


  • Zengo
    781 7th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20001
    (202) 393-2929
    Yo’ Broths: pork.
    Yo’ Stand-Bys: poached egg, mushroom, bok choy.
    Yo’ Meat: pork belly.
    Yo’ Money: $11
  • Delivery? YES – via order ahead app.
    *Zengo only has one ramen option but it is delicious, trust us.


 ***We now present… THE RAMEN BURRITO***

California Tortilla, a chain similar but better than Chipotle because they offer over 75 hot sauces, is not above a gimmick. Gimmicks can be fun. They’re in the midst of a fun gimmick. Now through April businesspeople (all of the customers at the Arlington Courthouse location when we went by the other afternoon were businesspeople) will consume Ramen Burritos and Ramen Burrito Bowls. READ OUR FULL TASTE TEST HERE.