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In my dream, the bass player had died, but they still played the Merriweather show and they all looked really happy despite their bass player being dead.  Then I started flying, and shortly after that I woke up.

Anyway, this is my last day to listen to Phish before the big show!  I sifted through the comments from the past few days to decide what to listen to and I decided on “A Live One” (Cale was right, he has yet to steer me wrong with his five-day Phish plan) and possibly watch some of the live videos people have been posting in the comments.

So, let’s begin.  “Bouncing Around the Room” is great.  That’s one of my favorite Phish songs, period.  “Wilson,” “Stash,” all good.  Then I got to “Tweezer,” which is 31 minutes long.  Let me rephrase that: “TWEEZER” IS THIRTY-ONE MINUTES LONG. I have entire albums that are 31 minutes long.  While I get that people like these long jams/compositions/WHATEVER, I don’t know if I can keep enough focus to truly appreciate a 31 minute song.  I like it, sure, they’re talented, sure, but I’m not a big jazz or classical fan simply because it always falls into the background for me.  Maybe I need to get older to really appreciate longer, instrumental music, but for now I’m happier with a 3 minute pop song.  Otherwise I just lose interest and want to hear a hook, fast.  So, while “Tweezer” is not bad and I listened to all 31 minutes of it, I don’t see myself waking up one day and saying, “Gee, you know what will kick this day off right?  ‘Tweezer’ will!”

In fact, that’s sort of how I feel with Phish in general.  They’re not awful, by any means, and I agree with Cale that “hipsters” should like them more, but I also agree that hippies should like them less.  They’re very talented, they have a huge catalog and they put on a great live show (or do they?  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow…) so of course they have a large fanbase, but I could never see myself loving them to a point where I download every live track of theirs and follow their tours.  That said, I can absolutely see myself sticking “Junta” in my stereo on a hot day or a car ride and thoroughly enjoying the music.  But I think that the uber-long stuff will be delegated to background-music status until I learn to really appreciate it.

Anyway, I don’t have to much else to say- I think I’ve pretty much made my point.  I’m going to keep listening to Phish for the rest of the day, but I doubt I’ll have any revelations or epiphanies in that time.  Plus, I think my dream is a sign that I have been listening to too much Phish.

Stay tuned for the review of the show- coming Monday to a BYT near you!