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I started today with the intention of devoting hours to “Farmhouse,” because I already love the song of the same name. Ever since I first heard that song in second grade, I loved it.  It’s always on my summer shuffle.  Anyway, I burned “Farmhouse” and stuck it in the car so I could listen as I ran some errands.  I’ve run through it probably two or three times.  My verdict:  Not as good as “Billy Breathes,” but some good moments.

Of course, I love the title track.  My other favorites are “Heavy Things,” which has a nice boppin’ beat and “Gotta Jiboo,” which sounds like nonsense but I feel has I lot of live potential, with its horns and funky rhythm.  The rest were all pretty good too, but I still feel like Phish is better suited to background music for falling asleep or writing an English paper.  Inoffensive, mellow, and with nice melodies and craftsmanship to not be totally boring.  With Trey’s vocals and the ample use of piano I sort of feel like Phish is what Ben Folds could be if he smoked some weed and listened to more funk.

While I’m not hating the time I spend listening to Phish, I haven’t had an epiphany yet.  I still don’t “get” why they’re so popular.  I suppose when I venture into their live tracks maybe I’ll gain a better understanding.

Anyway, I took all of the notes (by that I mean Cale’s very long note) into consideration and so I also started listening to “The Story of The Ghost.” So far, very funky and smooth.  “Ghost” has an awesome bass line, and “Birds of a Feather” puts the keys to great use.  “Brian and Robert,” which Cale had as a BYT Favorite Song of the Day a while back, is a great song.  This is one is lovely and so fitting for a summer’s night.

As someone who primarily loves folk music and pop-leaning indie rock, I like Phish best when they are playing straightforward melodic rock.  However, my favorite band is Wilco and I do the whole “download live shows and geek out over new arrangements” thing very often, so I think I just need to get in my Wilco-mindset for Phish.  I’m going to nab some live Phish soon and try my best to appreciate them as they venture into jammier, hippie-dippy territory.

By Saturday, THIS could be me!!

Until Saturday, I’ll be keeping some stats:

  • Showers this week- 2 (already too many by Phish standards!)
  • Music listened to besides Phish- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Rilo Kiley, Modest Mouse
  • Amount of marijuana consumed- None.  Hi, Mom!
  • Phish albums heard- 3
  • # of times I fast-forwarded through I live Phish performance while watching live videos from Bonnaroo- 1.  Woops.