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We began the Dream Jukebox series in 2015. I picked 50 albums perfect for a 100 CD jukebox and had 50 artists and writers I like pick 50 albums. We published entries 00-49 of Volume 2. Peter Bjorn and John continues entries 50-99.

58 Peter Bjorn and John Writer’s Block

I may have played more songs from this album than another other from the years of 2005 to 2010, when I worked in a bar. “Young Folks” is the song that got it on the machine and it’s was one of the few modern, popular songs that everyone knew, but it was “Amsterdam,” “Let’s Call If Off,” and “Paris 2004” that the staff played over and over.

This year’s Darker Days’ standout track is “Gut Feeling.” It’s another head nodder that wouldn’t distract from any bar conversation and should capture the attention of any loner. Related, the album cover is great.

John from Peter Bjorn and John’s Pick

59 Eino Grön Ikivihreä Eino Grön

OK, I hate music in bars, restaurants and other public places.Worst are brunch-ballads. You know when they play melancholic, sobbing ballads when you are trying to start a new day with a good breakfast. The only music that should be allowed in bars are soft instrumental easy listening-music. Music made for being in the background.

But, there is actually one album with vocals that works. It’s an album with finish smooth-singer Eino Grön called Ikivihreä Eino Grön. It’s from 1970 and the production on it is magical. Finish tango music + bar = Good

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