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All photos Beca Grimm
Interviewin’ Beca Grimm
A future classic pairing not unlike steak and potatoes – bluegrass and sustainable fashion. Every 3rd Thursday of the Month the TRASH CAT Vintage ladies organize a clothing exchange @ SOVA. We sent Beca to scout out what and who you can expect to find:


(Left to right: Molly, Josie and Zoe)
Three-fourths of the Trash Cat quartet – Zoe Pollock, Molly Finnegan and late arrival Josie Torres Barth — unleashed some fresh style pickins for Sova’s patrons Thursday night. Dozens of dapper folks swarmed the rack stuffed with vintage and revived swank for martini-fisted perusal.


Originally dubbed H Street Clothing Exchange and started by a mutual friend, the Trash Cats took over the project after she moved from the District. “[This has been happening] since December,” Pollock said. “We put this one once a month, every third Thursday. We call it Trash Cat Clothing Exchange.”


Pollock, Finnegan and later Barth helped zip up, dress up and doll up some of the District’s finest while maintaining the mantra of quality digs and always asking, “Am I pretty or do I look funny?” And – spoiler alert – one of the latter ain’t the definitive preferred look.


Most Exciting Pieces The psychedelic look with a lot of beads. We sold this amazing yellow blouse with a giant bow attached at the neck. And then we sold that late ‘60s, white lace minidress with a drop-waist and this great teal and yellow houndstooth dress. I don’t know – it’s fun to see your favorite pieces that didn’t fit you quite right go to someone who will enjoy them.

Spring Fashion: There is that version where you look at what’s in magazines but – I agree with the philosophy of shopping inside your closet first. For me, this is all about sustainability… you don’t keep buying and keep buying. There’s something kind of sick about buying lots and lots and lots of clothes.

(Zoe) Our big question is **Am I pretty or do I look funny?**


(Molly Finnegan) I went to the mall to look for a seasonal black dress – something I could wear for a long time. And it’s early January/late February and [already] you can’t find a damn winter dress. It was all spring stuff and to me, that’s totally ridiculous. Just go to the thrift store, where you can actually find stuff that actually makes sense and tends to work.

(Zoe) I think it’s all about finding something that fits you well and will last you another 60 years. Half of this stuff is from 1950 – and that blows my mind that you can find well-made stuff like that in America with these old tags – I love that shit! It’s amazing!
(Molly) I would say less than high fashion inspirations – it’s more like shopping inspirations. We like to provide stuff for people that is cheap, that is classic, that we have worn or would wear –

(Zoe) Or for funny! We like to wear stuff for funny. This [metallic shirt] the second generation – but there was this gold lamee shirt that was hideous and I cut the neck and made it into a square and it was one of the first pieces we sold. Everyone was like, “That fucking shirt? That’s the ugliest shirt we have, Zoe. That’s never gonna sell.” So now was have this tradition of the ugly gold shirt. I’m a fucking whore for gold

Hannah Schiff

I haven’t found anything tonight yet but last time I found a pair of legwarmers that I’m really into right now.

Spring Fashion: Definitely looking for some good dresses. I don’t really have [specifics] in mind … what speaks to me.

Sandals. I have one pair of sandals with a little bit of a platform but I really need to step up my sandal game

Recent Style Inspirations: I would say that Molly and Zoe are some inspirations of mine because they’re always doing something a little experimental. For example, Zoe [dons] her metallics. And color – that’s something I think D.C. lacks a little. I’m looking for some nice colors and tones – purples and greens.


(Left to right: Kristen, Chloe )

First timer

Bought boots in to trade, looking to get something in exchange

I’m not really shopping for anything right now but I must say with this weird weather change, there’s a lot of stuff here I would have found adorable about a week ago – now I’m like, Eh, sweaters. It’s all about summery things because it’s 70 degrees out

Recent Style Inspirations: I’ve actually been looking at a lot of Australian collections lately because we have the reversal of the seasons. For them now, I guess it’s their summer – which, up until this point, has been sort of useless to me. But now that there’s the turn of the weather, it’s kind of exciting.

There’s been so many pre-spring, pre-summer, pre-fall fashions coming out. Up until this point, I’ve been like, It’s February – what the heck? I can’t think about this stuff yet. But now I’m getting into that because it’s actually starting to feel like summer



Looking At… Trash Cat Pieces: I have a dress, mostly because I just gravitate to them – I’m lazy. They’re really easy to put on because it’s one piece.

And I’ve been into high-waisted longer skirts lately with blouses tucked in as it transitions from winter into spring. So I’ve got a really cute velvet skirt here – this one I like the buttons in the front.


I’m not looking for anything in particular but [if I find] something I can wear to work that’s still cute, I’d be open to [getting it]. You know, those special items

Recent Style Inspirations: I can’t say that I’m inspired by fashion at all. I don’t really have any style – it’s an effort to try

Looking At: This could be fun. This purple, paisley, vesty dress. It could be fun out – I don’t know what it looks like on yet.

And this lovely, simple, blue skirt. I could totally wear this to work and it seems very functional. It seems like a practical piece you could wear and be comfortable [in]

Black party dress – it’s pretty, slinky party dress. It’s almost like it could be inspired by the ‘20s


(Left to right: Natasha, Kiran, Anne)
Anne Strotaher

Works with Molly, used to work with Zoe; first event of theirs

Spring Fashion: I always like tights and sweaters so the advent of summer and warmer weather is always disappointing to me because I end up packing up all these things I love from my wardrobe. But I’m feeling more ready that usual this particular spring because our winter’s been so cold.

Kiran Moodley

Works with Molly, knows Zoe very well; been to all of the events; Third time ‘round, “So I am a dedicated Trash Cat”

I think the first one was a lot smaller and it was just friends of theirs. Now it a much bigger thing with various blokes and especially because the have stuff going on next door and more and more people seem to come

Recent Style Inspirations: Well I really liked Lady Gaga’s skin-toned horns she wore on Jay Lenno. I mean, I love Lady Gaga but I don’t know if I’d go [out] in an egg – that’s quite pushing it

Spring Fashion: I just bought my very first sweater-vest so I’m thinking that it’s going to be a lot of T-shit and sweater-vest – that’s what I’m thinking

Natasha Lennard

Came along with Kiran for a drink; event was a surprise; “It seems like a lot of fun and a really easy way to get some new stuff… It is a nice surprise

Recent Style Inspirations: I don’t know. I go back to New York most weekends, so the blacks and grays everyone’s wearing – I haven’t been following Fashion Week but it seems like muted tones.

(Kiran) Apparently bright yellow is it. I saw someone wearing bright yellow. I have a bright yellow jumper, so I’m into it. I just say have every color in your wardrobe, then one season, it’ll be in.

Spring Fashion: I’m excited to pair a leather jacket and ballet flats