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This Week: Mike on Delivering the Mail

“Delivering the mail is the best way to see a city. I get to interact with the people and see the terrain. After 23-plus years as a postal employee, I have been all over this town from Benning Road to Friendship Heights.

“I got into this work because my previous job said they were going to relocate, but in actuality, they were shutting down. I started filling out applications for anything and everything all over. I applied to every job I could find in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The D.C. postal system kicked in first with a job, and I took the job.

“My first route was out in Friendship Heights. I would walk up steps as high as some of these row houses, and I would see hot tubs in people’s backyards. I was like, wow! I mean, I didn’t know people lived like that. From there, I have been all over. I have had jobs where I walk, and some where I drive. Everyone has their own preference. Some like apartment buildings, some like houses. I am a people person, so I like to be outside.

“About two-and-a-half years ago my co-worker said, “Hey Mike, a run in Northeast just opened up that you are going to like.” He knew that I would like being in a nice neighborhood with nice people. I decided to apply for the route with a few ticks left on the clock, and got it.

“Now, I deliver mail from New York Avenue to Gallaudet University and from M St. to Florida Avenue. As a veteran postal employee, I take the time to get to know the people and terrain here. My friend was right, this route is great.”


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