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We could be forgiven for never having heard of Pentatonix before our Brightest Young Gays team settled down for a night of live tweeting snarking the GRAMMYs on Sunday night. We didn’t know that they were a thing. But, neither did most of the GRAMMY audience.

When the group walked out onstage with Barry Gibb, our Seamless order was just arriving. So, in a rush to grab the door, we misheard their introduction as Paramore. But, then a mysterious tall drink of handsome gay started speaking alongside Gibb and we thought “Who the fuck is this?!” and tweeted out:


Jesus Christ, the Twitter then went crazy. Every tween from Appalachia to Alaska began to chime in by crying, sobbing, and screaming




And scissoring


The Katy Perry at the Super Bowl More You Know:


He also had the best Twitter response to winning a GRAMMY:


Our profuse apologies Scott Hoying. We had no idea we wanted to sleep with you until now.

Hoying is part a cappella group Pentatonix. Their biggest award to date was a 2013 You Tube Music Award until they surprisingly won a GRAMMY on Monday night for an a cappella Daft Punk cover they recorded in a bedroom closet. The five member group formed in 2011 and immediately won that season of The Sing Off on NBC. Winning the competition, Pentatonix signed with Sony and began releasing videos which made them You Tube celebrities.

Here they are in Japan performing the Daft Punk arrangement which won them the GRAMMY on Sunday night:

Here they early on in their career tracing the evolution of Beyonce over the years:

And here they are with Scott Hoying wearing a t-shirt from Washington’s own gay bar NELLIES. Guys, that’s like the band saying the name of YOUR TOWN at the concert. Points to them. More importantly, that means there is a plausible chance that Hoying has hooked up with someone in DC…and we now hate that person. OMG, WHAT IF HE WAS ON TINDER WHILE HERE AND WE ACCIDENTALLY SWIPED LEFT?!

And they’ll be appearing in Pitch Perfect 2 as a rival to the Barden Bellas.

So, who are the members? There is 23-year-old tall twink (and openly gay) Scott Hoying. A Google image search for “Scott Hoying shirtless” does not disappoint. Like this nip splip from his Instagram account:


Or this one of him running Bay to Breakers:


His best friend and adorably hot 22-year-old pocket otter Mitch Grassi (also gay):


C’mon. This is boyfriend material here:


They love Beyoncé:




And, apart from Pentatonix, the two besties have an amazingly fun You Tube Channel called Superfruit:


A good Jewish boy you could take home – 25-year-old Avi Kaplan.


Muscle bound 26-year-old hottie Kevin Olusola (a cellist, beatboxer, and fluent Mandarin speaker):

Oh, and a girl:


J/K!!! 22-year-old Kirstie Maldonado is an outstanding vocalist and a founding member of the group along with Hoying and Grassi. The three first formed their group in high school in an effort to win an a capella radio competition to meet the cast of GLEE. We’re now slightly obsessed with her.

On Sunday, Pentatonix won the GRAMMY for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella. This was the first year that a cappella was included in the category. Members have stated in various interviews that their desire is to make Pentatonix the first mainstream a cappella group. Judging by their 7.5 million You Tube Channel subscribers, climbing record sales, and sold-out shows across the world, they just might get there.

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